Altren LLC (RAWI member) becomes an exclusive representative in Russia of a German company, a leading supplier of solutions and components for wind turbines, Freqcon.

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Altren LLC, a subsidiary of ULNANOTECH, and Freqcon have signed an agreement for mutual marketing of Freqcon package solutions for isolated areas, storage management systems and converters for wind turbines in Russia. In the framework of the agreement. Altren is to perform the distribution of Freqcon’s solutions and this is to lead to further development of the wind energy in the Ulyanovsk Oblast and in Russia.

The Agreement has been signed by Andrey Redkin, CEO of Altren, and Andrey Fritz, deputy director general of Freqcon. The ceremony of signing was held at ARWE-2019, the International Renewable Energy Forum, on May 23.

Going forward, the companies plan to continue the production localization project for wind power industry in the Ulyanovsk Oblast and establish a joint venture for assembling converters, inverters and other equipment for the Freqcon-developed wind turbines.

“Freqcon is one of the leading engineering companies in its narrow area of expertise. Collaboration with Freqcon enables handling specific engineering problems we are not able to resolve using our own resources. Particularly, we are working on the projects for remote energy systems and with support of Freqcon’s team have an opportunity to select package solutions combining wind generation, solar generation, diesel generation, management systems and energy storage systems. We also collaborate in the search for the companies interested in wind turbine components production localization. We have strong hopes that as a result, our cooperation will lead to joint production and establishing of joint engineering company where Freqcon together with Russian engineers will complete such tasks in the Russian Federation,” – noted Andrey Redkin, CEO of Altren, LLC.

Norbert Hennchen, CEO of Freqcon believes that the renewable energy in Russia has a strong potential and cooperation in this sector is rather promising. “We expect that our partnership with Altren will be mutually beneficial and advance the development of green energy in Russia,”- Norbert Hennchen noted.

Freqcon GmbH (Germany) was founded in 1988, and currently is one of the leaders in solutions for isolated areas, storage management systems and electrical components for the wind turbines. The company has the technical capability to manufacture, design and maintain solutions for the wind energy and energy storage applications.

Altren, LLC (Ulyanovsk, Russia), an engineering company and the resident of Ulyanovsk Oblast’s Nanocenter, ULNANOTECH; it was founded in 2015. Main area of expertise is the wind power industry. Altren is involved into the project for development of alternative energy cluster and energy storage technologies in the Ulyanovsk Oblast envisioning the integration of the world-class accomplishments in this sort of energy sector. 

ULNANOTECH (Ulyanovsk, Russia), a nanotechnology center (part of RUSNANO nanocenters network), is engaged in investment and support of technological entrepreneurship at early stages, searching for technology, creation of technological startups. Ulnanotech has the status of a Hi-Tech park.

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