RAWI has released “Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market 2018″ in English

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RAWI has released the 2018 annual review of the Russian wind energy market. The English version of the review includes all relevant information on the Russian wind energy market on the construction of wind farms and the production of wind generators in Russia. 

The preparation of the “Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market 2018” has become possible exclusively due to the support of companies – members of the Russian Wind Power Industry Association, whose number list is constantly growing. These companies, in fact, fully shape the market in Russia today and determine the directions of its development in future. The Review editorial team is particularly grateful to the Expert Council consisting of leading industry experts, representatives of the regulator and main companies that shape the market. Thanks to the participation of the Expert Council members, the information in the Review is reliable and relevant.

The “Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market 2018” has become the most reliable and open source of up-to-date information on the wind energy market for its participants, regulators, government organizations, experts and investors.

The review is distributed free of charge to all interested organizations and companies.
Download page.

It should also be mentioned that all the companies participating in the Russian wind energy market will take part in the first Russian renewable energy forum ARWE2019. If you are not on ARWE2019, you are not on the market

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