The President of Russia opened a terminal built by a shareholder in a wind power company.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 8, 2019 gave the command to commission the floating CNG terminal in Kaliningrad. Onego, a shareholder of Windpark LLC, which develops the construction project of Windpark No. 1 in the Leningrad Region, played a key role in the construction of the terminal.

The terminal at the stage of completion

The fact of the successful construction of such a complex and unique facility indicates that the company has serious opportunities, qualifications and experience. Note that the Onego company took part in the construction of at least complex facilities: Sakhalin-3, Seaport Sabetta, Baidaratskaya Bay and many other offshore construction projects and energy infrastructure facilities.

Wind power is a new business direction for the company, market experts believe that the construction of a modern wind farm does not exceed the above listed objects in complexity, and the addition of competencies with partners in the Wind Park company will allow the company to develop a whole line of projects in the field of wind power.

The fact of participation in the wind farm project of such a resource participant in the market for special and maritime construction indicates a growing interest in wind power in Russia from the side of companies having a significant influence on the formation of the energy infrastructure of Russia.

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