Russian Wind Energy at WindEnergy Hamburg

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The global wind energy exhibition WindEnergy Hamburg starts in Hamburg September 25. The news of the forum – wind power in Russia is gaining momentum. A few years ago, skeptics talked about the impossibility and illogicality of creating a new industry in a “country with a gas economy.” They turned out to be wrong, as the renewable energy is growing rapidly in Russia, and new wind farms and industrial enterprises pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain on the energy map of the country.

In the Ulyanovsk Oblast, one of the industry leading regions, the first Fortum-owned wind farm with a capacity of 35 MW has been commissioned; a new Fortum-Rusnano wind investment fund wind farm with a capacity of 50 MW is being built at full tilt; the Rosatom unit NovaWind SC sites with a capacity of 150 MW are being built in Adygea; 200 MW in the Murmansk Oblast and 90 MW in the Rostov Oblast are attributed to the Italy-based Enel. In the next 5 years, the wind farms with a total capacity of 3149.36 MW will be built by 2023. Every year, we will witness the commissioning of wind power plants with a capacity from 200 to 700 MW. The main condition for the legislative support for the RES-based energy is the development of production technologies, so Vestas blades and Vestas and Siemens-Gamesa Renewables gondolas production are already in place, with Windar Renovables wind towers manufacturing facilities and Enercon-Lagerwey wind turbines full cycle production plants are being built.

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry and its members and partners take an active part in the work of the Forum. The milestone event of the Forum will be the governor of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Sergey Morozov visiting the Exhibition. The Chairman of the RAWI, Igor Bryzgunov, together with a group of members of the Association, prepared an extensive business agenda for the head of the region, the “Wind Energy Capital of Russia”, as he will take part in a package of measures of the Forum and will give a speech on the prospects for the wind energy development in the region, as well as the region’s attractiveness and benefits waiting there for the investors who create their own enterprises.

The Ulyanovsk Oblast has also become the arena for the preparation of the first all-Russian wind energy exhibition, the ARWE 2019 forum. The event is being prepared jointly by the Administration of the Ulyanovsk Oblast, Elektrifikatsiya JSC, ULNANOTECH and the RAWI. This is the first time that all participants of the Russian wind energy market will be represented and within the framework of which all the industry main events will take place, an exhibition of equipment for the production of wind turbines, for the construction and operation of wind parks for wholesale and retail wind energy systems, and a RAWI conference for all sectors of the market. As planned by the organizers, this event will become the national analogue of the global exhibition in Hamburg.

During the Forum in Hamburg, The Chairman of the RAWI will attend the opening ceremony at the City Hall of Hamburg on September 24, which is the event of Vestas Customer Event, Windpower Party. SSC Wind will hold business meetings at the mounts of companies-members of the RAWI and participants of the Russian and global wind energy market. Members of the RAWI and market participants are invited to join the work, as here, like one manager said: “the whole market is in one place, almost like it is on the Internet, only alive.” The mission of the RAWI work at the forum is to inform everyone about the current situation on the Russian market and to attract new players.

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