Renewables to Account for 1/3 of Russia’s 2022 Newly-Added Capacity



This data was provided by Fyodor Opadchy, Chairman of the Management Board of SO UES JSC, in his speech “On topical issues of the functioning of UES of Russia” at the Russian-wide meeting dedicated to the results of the 2021-2022 cold season.

According to data from SO UES, which illustrates the dynamics of electricity consumption in the UES of Russia in 1990-2021, the year 2021 saw the highest volume of electricity consumption in Russia since 1990. It was 1,090.4 billion kWh. For the year, the increase in electricity consumption was 5.4%. During autumn-winter period of 2021-2022 the electricity consumption in comparison with 2020-2021 rose by 3,7%, in January-April, 2022 (as of 25.04.2022) as compared to the analogous period of the previous year – by 2,3%.

There has been a gradual increase in the share of renewables in the structure of power generation in the Russian power grid. Over three years it increased by 2.2%. At the same time, the share of conventional coal-based power generation decreased by 1.3%.

The total share of sustainable energy, which in Russia, traditionally includes nuclear power in addition to wind, solar and hydro power, was 40% of the total generation mix.

The most impressive figures are illustrated by this year’s renewable energy projects plans: of the almost 2.9 GW of new generation to be introduced into the national grid in 2022, renewables will account for more than 30% (0.87 GW).