Igor Bryzgunov Takes Part in National Oil&Gas Forum



Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the RAWI Board, took part in the National Oil and Gas Forum, which was held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from 18 to 21 April 2022, together with the 21st International Exhibition “Neftegaz-2022.”

Igor Bryzgunov spoke at the session “ESG-Transformation. Reboot: a new look and opportunities for business” with a presentation on “Wind energy as a tool for achieving ESG goals. Equipment and Energy Pricing Opportunities.”

This year the focus of the National Oil and Gas Forum was on the Russia’s course for technological sovereignty and new import substitution programmes. The participants discussed the issues of achieving technological sustainability of the domestic fuel and energy complex against the background of the global transformation of the world economy. The introduction of domestic technologies and equipment in all sectors of the fuel and energy complex, as well as a number of measures aimed at ensuring business continuity in the context of the sanctions pressure currently being exerted on Russia were considered as ways to maintain sustainability.

Part of the forum’s agenda was proactive import substitution – not just the main trend of the industry, but the key to its survival and development. The participants of the discussions paid much attention to increasing the efficiency of traditional fuel and energy industries against the background of new technological challenges and discussed how to analyse and form new markets, create technological cooperation in the perimeter of the Eurasian Union, stimulate the development of Inventive Problem Solving Theory (TRIZ) and monetise oil and gas reserves, implement systems of test sites and engineering centres, develop new competencies in the field of industry information technologies, implement robotics concepts in the energy economy.

Particular emphasis in the discussion was placed on the formation and development of new industries and areas of energy in Russia. Separate sessions and round tables were devoted to strategies in the field of hydrogen energy, ecological engineering, carbon management issues and new ESG principles promoted by oil and gas companies’ wind energy projects.