STC UES JSC Completes its Reconstruction and Remains Active in Energy Sector



Joint-Stock Company Scientific and Technical Centre of Unified Energy System (JSC STC UES, a member of the RAWI) announced the completion of the reconstruction procedure. The following companies merged with JSC “STC UES”: JSC “STC UES Group of Companies”, JSC “STC UES Power System Development”, JSC “STC UES Power Supply Management”, and JSC “STC UES Emergency Control” with Ruslan Izmailov being the Director General of JSC STC UES.

The company’s R&D activities are based on NIIPT – the STC UES – the oldest scientific research centre in the electric power industry (founded in 1945), which still today solves problems in the field of sustainability, reliability, manageability and future development of the UES (unified energy system) of Russia.

Scientific developments of STC UES are strategically important in transmitting large volumes of electricity over long distances and ensuring the survivability of energy systems in Russia and the near abroad. Today, it is the industry’s leading organisation in the design and development of the backbone network of the UES of Russia and interstate energy relations, a recognised centre of competence in Russia and worldwide for digital and physical modelling of power systems, research into static and dynamic stability, development and design of relay protection devices and systems, regime and emergency control.

The company also specialises in advanced power system development planning, design and expertise of power plant schemes of power distribution (SPD)/external power supply to consumers, development of substitution measures to ensure decommissioning of power facilities, renewable energy projects and development of the industry regulatory framework.

The geography of STC UES activities covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as the countries of the near and far abroad. The level of personnel qualification and scientific and technical base make it possible to efficiently solve tasks of any complexity. In particular, as of today, 90% of all Russian wind power plants have been commissioned on the basis of the SPDs developed by the Centre. Thanks to the joint efforts of STC UES JSC and VetroSGC JSC, the national standard “Electric Power Industry. Distributed Generation. Technical requirements for generation facilities based on wind turbines (WTs).”

The best known projects implemented in Russia include the development and creation of centralised emergency control systems in six united energy systems of UES of Russia and two regional energy systems, development of a software system for stability reserve monitoring and its implementation in 28 SO UES (system operator of the unified energy system) dispatch centres, development and implementation of a centralised complex for emergency control of an isolated power system. In addition, the company is the developer of 155 development programmes for constituent entities of the Russian Federation, territorial energy systems, and municipalities for 45 regions of Russia.

STC UES plans to continue to be actively involved in various energy projects, including wind power, and offers cooperation within its competence to partners in the Association.