Windarseverstal Enters RAWI during RAWI FORUM 2021



At the conclusion of the plenary session, RAWI FORUM 2021 witnessed the signing of an agreement for WindarSeverstal to join the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the RAWI, Igor Bryzgunov, and the General Director of WindarSeverstal, Pyotr Spiridonov.

Answering the question of what advantages RAWI and WindarSeverstal could gain through cooperation under the new agreement, Igor Bryzgunov explained that the Association, which consists of companies representing all sectors of the wind energy business community, regularly receives new members – including companies that intend to enter the wind energy market. By partnering with WindarSeverstal, RAWI is able to offer such companies the opportunity to locate production at an Association member’s facility. In addition, the Association, with its broad network of contacts and well-knownness around the globe, can contribute to the development of WindarSeverstal’s business.

Pyotr Spiridonov, commenting on the conclusion of the agreement with RAWI, stressed that membership in the Association would give WindarSeverstal “a good chance to get a new platform

RAWI fact sheet. WindarSeverstal LLC (formerly known as WRS Towers LLC) is Russia’s first manufacturer of wind turbine towers. It is a joint venture between Spanish Windar Renovables S.L. and Russian PJSC Severstal, established in December 2018 in Taganrog, Rostov Oblast, as part of the government programme to develop renewable energy in Russia. The composition and roles of the participants in the international project are distributed as follows:

  • WINDAR Renovables S.L. (51%) – global technology partner, owner of tower production technology, and licensor providing operational management of the project.
  • Severstal PJSC (49%) is the project’s Russian technology partner, providing a prepared site and regional cooperation, including staffing. In addition, Severstal, as the main supplier of rolled metal products, is the legal entity involved in the project to guarantee the project’s raw material supply chain security.

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