Vestas Talks about Wind Turbine Blade Recycling



Contrary to popular belief, wind turbine blade recycling is not only of concern to eco-activists, but also to wind turbine manufacturers themselves. At one of RAWI’s summer webinars for its members, specialists from Vestas (a member of the RAWI) spoke in detail about the options available today for recycling wind turbines and how Vestas is working to achieve complete recycling of wind turbines on an industrial scale.

For example, when it comes to blades, the circular economy that Vestas is aiming for requires that end-of-life blades can be recycled into new blades rather than being used up as construction mixes, as is currently the case.

Read about the steps the company is taking to achieve this goal in our article based on a recent webinar: Recycling wind turbine blades, from cement to new blades.