RAWI FORUM 2021 – Developing Programme and Inviting Speakers



Leaders and practitioners of the wind energy industry, industry media and representatives of companies interested in entering the wind energy market began preparations for a meeting at the International Wind Energy Forum, which is being held on December 1-2, 2021 in Moscow.

On the Forum page, you can sign up and get as much organisational information as possible about the forthcoming event. A summary programme of the Forum, outlining its main thematic blocks, is also published on the page.

The programme is still being developed as the Forum invites experts, specialists and managers from the wind industry to share their views and experiences, describe successful case studies, and introduce the audience to new technical developments and technologies. To participate in the Forum as a speaker, please complete an application form.

In addition to the thematic sessions announced in the programme, the Forum envisages plenty of business and informal communication, holding B2B meetings in the Lounge area, signing agreements in meeting rooms. The Forum’s mobile app, which will make contacts of all Forum participants available, will make it possible to keep track of the agenda and schedule meetings in a timely manner.

On questions regarding participation in the forum, please address to

Anna Maslova, project manager

Phone: +7 963 992 49 89

E-mail: amaslova@rawi.ru

On questions regarding the forum programme, please address to

Nina Kovalenko, project manager

Tel: +7 978 841 22 39

E-mail: kovalenko@rawi.ru