From Logistics to H2 Projects, or Story of How Renewables Market Can Grow on You…



For many members of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, the moment they join RAWI, a new milestone in business development begins with those companies entering new markets and opening new areas of activities. RAWI is long accustomed to such success stories; after all, that is why the association was created in the first place. A different matter is when events start to unfold rapidly, as in the case of the logistics company SK-Trade Forwarding (a member of the RAWI). Such a case is worth mentioning as a separate point.

In 2019, SK-Trade, which operates in the market of logistics services related to project cargo transportation, took part in the implementation of several wind power projects, carrying out work for Rostranslogistics, Enel, Siemens Gamesa (a member of the RAWI) and Cantreva. On the recommendation of partners from Cantreva, SK-Trade applied for RAWI membership and soon became a member.

After a year of operation in the renewable market, SK-Trade analysed the present-day situation and decided to develop its competences and expand its activities in the field of engineering. Already in 2020, SK-Engineering was established. In addition, the company started providing services related to the installation of permanent and temporary weather towers and various attachments.

The result was not long in coming, in April 2021, a representative of Barlovento, a company specialising in wind monitoring, came to RAWI asking for meteorological towers installation specialists. In its turn, RAWI recommended them SK-Engineering, as their specialists had previously installed similar towers at the Azovskaya wind farm and were experienced in the matter.

The contract was signed as early as May 2021, and SK-Engineering specialists travelled to the Kolskaya wind farm to install temporary meteorological masts with gauges. By mid-July, the work had been completed, and all the sensors had been installed as required. A special feature of the project was the installation of three 84-metre masts on metal plates, without preparation of foundations. In October-November, specialists from SK-Engineering are returning to the site to dismantle the masts and return them to the manufacturer in Romania.

The renewable energy seemed so promising to SK-Trade that the company decided to go beyond engineering. In March 2021, the Hydrogen Technology Solutions Energy Research and Development Centre was established to conduct hydrogen R&D.

The goal of Hydrogen Technology Solutions is to build a proper concept of hydrogen development and productive relationships with the country’s energy universities to conduct joint research. All this will make it possible to create a qualified team to implement hydrogen projects of various scales, from supplying electrical power and heat to remote villages to transferring large industrial facilities to renewables.