Russia Brings Wind Turbine Blades to Kazakhstan



In June, the Kamilla general cargo vessel, owned by MT Group (a member of the RAWI), SeaEnergy brand, safely delivered a shipment of large-scale components for wind turbines, 12 blades, three nacelles and three hubs from Poland to Kazakhstan in a single voyage. The entire Germany-Poland-Kazakhstan route took only 25 days.

The Camilla is not only able to carry such oversized cargo freely because of its high lifting capacity and dimensions; it is equipped with a superstructure on the bow and its design allows the hold to be used with its hatches opened.

The Kamilla was floated out in Turkey just over a year ago. It was the first innovative multipurpose vessel of the U-Type project (Volga-Don-Max class designed for seafaring and river-sea navigation with deadweight of 9,300 tonnes).

The Kamilla will now carry components for wind turbines in tandem with her ‘colleague’. SeaEnergy has launched its second U-Type vessel, the dry cargo vessel Ella is currently on a Belgium-Germany-Kazakhstan voyage with a cargo mix that also includes (used) blades for wind turbines.

The MT Group plans to put further 10 U-Type dry cargo vessels in service by 2024, which offer competitive advantages in terms of energy efficiency, load capacity and tonnage.

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