RAWI Trains Wind Power Professionals



RAWI held extension courses on Wind Farm Construction Project on January 25-28, 2021. The course outline was tailored to the order of a major energy utility and included development, construction and operation of a wind farm areas. The course was designed specifically for management and key personnel of power engineering industry, taking into account Russian regulation for wind power. The course of 32 hours (4 days) was read by leading experts with practical experience in renewable energy in general and wind power in particular.

Although there is some uncertainty in the renewable energy support programme continuation in Russia after 2024, the interest in the Russian wind energy market never stopped to deepen.

New companies are entering the Russian market and their specialists need training in a wide range of course areas related to the industry which remains relatively new for Russia. If anyone, RAWI, which unites more than 170 companies representing all segments of the wind energy market, could conduct such training.

Given the unique epidemiological circumstances, the extension course was held remotely on Zoom. The course outline included lectures, as well as interactive question-and-answer conversations between the participants and the experts.

13 people were trained. In accordance with the results of end-of-course assessments, all members of the group received extension training completion certificates corresponding to the established model.

The trainees praised high level of the course. The most important thing for them was that the lectures were conducted by industry professionals, lecturers with practical experience in the industry. The course outline’s information was accessible and structured. The course touched upon the most topical industry issues, voiced realistic possible solutions to the problems arising in the wind energy sector.

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