“Regions. Sustainable Development” Competition Organising Committee & RAWI to Support Regional Wind Projects in Russia



The Organising Committee of the Annual Public Award “Regions. Sustainable Development” and the Russian Association of the Wind Power Industry (RAWI, www.rawi.ru) have signed a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAWI, and Anna Belichenko, Chairman of the Competition Organising Committee.

The parties intend to popularise modern renewable energy technologies and to prepare wind farm projects for implementation in Russian regions. Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAVI, has also joined the Expert Council of the Competition.


The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is an independent nonprofit entity established in 2004. The Association’s goal is to provide positive hands-on assistance and support to market participants in their entrance to the market, mastering the production, developing of wind parks and receiving the orders for the wind turbines components, for design, construction and logistics services and other services, rendered by its members. The Association has a high level of competence and awareness of development within the market. An increasing list of its members includes more than 170 corporate bodies representing all segments of the wind energy market.

“Our task is to create opportunities for new business initiatives in wind energy, their further consideration within the Competition and their subsequent implementation. At the same time, wind power, as one of the promising sectors of the Russian economy, allows both private small and major companies to enter the market, which, undoubtedly, could contribute to the social and economic well-being and development of the federal subjects of Russia,” Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAVI, comments on signing the cooperation agreement.

The “Regions. Sustainable Development” competition, as a non-governmental entity for development and support of entrepreneurship, provides financial (through preferential project financing and lending, and attraction of state support measures) and consolidated non-financial (i.e. expert, consulting, partner and other) support to entrepreneurs from Russian regions and directly to governmental bodies. The mission of the Competition is to create the maximum number of opportunities and growth points for Russian companies on one platform and with one application.

The Organising Committee of the Competition annually receives over 500 applications for investment projects and business initiatives from all Russian regions. Those are at various preparation stages. As part of the competition procedure, a “single focal point” system was put in place which will help the preparation of investment projects and business initiatives for successful implementation and receiving favourable answers from third parties:

– partner banks and investment funds,

– federal and regional government bodies and development institutions,

– major industry trade groups (associations, unions),

– state companies and members of partner ecosystem.


On 12 May 2020, the Organising Committee of the Annual Public Award “Regions. Sustainable Development”, the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), the Russian Export Centre JSC (REC) signed an agreement on cooperation and the joint launch of the Annual International Competitive Selection of Investment Projects with an Integration Effect “Eurasian Integration Competition” (the Competition), joint financial and non-financial support for cooperation and promising investment projects in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)  countries.


“The cooperation agreement with the Russian Wind Power Industry Association is concluded by the Organising Committee as part of the formation of a unified partner ecosystem and additional points of growth, values for participants in the “Regions. Sustainable Development” Competition and the Eurasian INTEGRATION Competition. We, as well as lending institutions and governmental bodies of Russian regions and entrepreneurs, are interested in reducing labour costs and time of investment projects preparation periods, a high degree of their expert scrutiny. Thanks to RAWI members, which represent the whole technological chain of modern wind farms’ creation and commissioning, it will be possible to create new opportunities for sustainable power industry and green investment projects development in Russia. We are confident that the federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation and our partners from the EAEU countries will continue their support for investment projects promoters and sponsors,” Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Competition Anna Belichenko says.


About the Regions. Sustainable Development Competition

The Regions. Sustainable Development competition is a unique organisational programme for the implementation of investment projects with state support/participation through a “single focal point” system. Since 2011, the Competition Organising Committee has created a special ecosystem for preparing investment projects for implementation, simplifying and improving entrepreneurs’ access to preferential financing and specific measures of state support at both federal and regional levels. The Organising Committee is a single focal point for project structuring, the formation of a complete loan package, and assistance to the initiators in the independent expert examination of their investment projects. The competition’s Board of Trustees and Expert Councils include the heads of banks, federal development institutes and state authorities, leading industry organisations and associations.

You can visit its official website by clicking the link: www.infra-konkurs.ru