Vestas Gearing up for EnVentus V162-6.0 MW Mass Production



Vestas (a member of the RAWI) is planning for the EnVentus V162-6.0 MW large-scale manufacture as the Østerild Test Centre, Denmark runs an extensive testing and verification programme.

With tip height up to 250m and a swept area of more than 20.000m2, the wind turbine has become the largest of the Vestas portfolio. The unit is designed to maximise energy production at low to medium wind sites.

Since the launch of the EnVentus platform, Vestas has secured orders for almost 1 GW across four different markets. In October 2020, Vestas upgraded the EnVentus platform’s existing turbine variants to 6.0 MW standard rating. The upgrade to 6.0 MW delivers an increase in energy production of more than three percent compared to 5.6 MW depending on site-specific conditions, while siteability parameters are maintained.

The serial production begins in the fourth quarter of 2020.