RAWI Presents the Results & Policy Plans to its Members



The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) presented the results and policy plans to its members. The presentation was published on the Association’s website.

The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry was established in 2004 have been active in cultivating the Russian wind energy market since then. The Association provides positive hands-on assistance and support to market participants in their entrance to the market, developing of wind parks, mastering the production, and  increasing their order intake for the wind turbines components, design, construction and logistics services as well as in their search for partners, and the sector-specific personnel.

To date, the list of members of the RAWI includes more than 170 corporate bodies of all the wind energy market segments among which are the leading global OEMs, the Russian and foreign industrial and power engineering flagships, wind turbine components manufacturers, global logistics, engineering, design & construction, and insurance companies, research & development, and educational establishments and diplomatic organisations and more.

The synergistic effect allows expanding the members’ business area, the network of business contacts, and competencies. They are also given an opportunity to abandon the “roaming through the market maze”, to receive the latest industry-related information, and to have 24/7 access to leading market experts. The Association also lobbies for the interests of its members in government bodies and in regulatory governmental agencies.

The RAWI annually publishes an Review of the Russian wind energy market available in three languages, Russian, English, and German. In addition, the Association has formed a wind farm and a wind turbine component manufacturers registers. The Association regularly hosts webinars and business meetings, organises industry-dedicated conferences, exhibitions, and seminars.

The RAWI’s core event is the RAWI FORUM, next year it is taking place on April 21-22, 2021 in Moscow. As part of the event, leading market players are going to discuss key trends in the wind energy market, consider the best world’s and Russian practices, explore new market niches in the wind power industry, and also try to find new ways to attract capital to projects.

According to the RAWI, the volume of the wind power installed in Russia is to grow up to 3.4 GW against current 641 MW by 2024. Notably, the technological and economic potential of Russia is 1,000 GW.