All 24 Foundations of Karmalinovskaya Wind Farm Completed



The foundations for all 24 wind turbines were completed at the construction site of the NovaWind’s Karmalinovskaya wind farm in the Stavropol Krai. The foundation required the work of two concrete plants with a cumulative capacity of 160 cubic meters of concrete mix per hour.

Construction and installation work on the 110 kV switchgear begun at the site. Construction work on wind turbine sites and packaged transformer substations foundations is still underway. The construction of roads and the wind turbine components delivery process are at the final phase. 24 sets of blades are already delivered. Work on the installation of wind turbine towers will begin soon.

The planned capacity of the future wind farm is 60 MW with the planned average annual output is 147 GWh. 24 wind turbines of 2.5 MW each are to be installed at the site. The volume of investments in the creation of a wind farm is over 8 billion roubles.

The Stavropol Krai is a key region for delivering of the NovaWind strategy. The Karmalinovskaya wind farm is the second wind farm under construction in the region. Previously, a permit was obtained for the construction of the 120 MW Bondarevskaya wind farm in the Ipatovsky urban district.