Finland to Have 100 MW Wind Farm



Enefit Green (part of the Estonian group Eesti Energia) has acquired the rights to implement the Tolpanvaara wind farm project from the Finnish state forest manager Metsähallitus. This is the first Enefit Green wind power project in Finland.

The transaction was based on the previous preliminary agreement for the acquisition of the Tolpanvaara development project, concluded between Enefit Green and Metsähallitus in 2018, providing the conditions related to the thematic planning of the project are met.

“Tolpanvaara is a developed project in a good location. [Our] expansion to the Finnish market is supported by a good investment environment and a steady market environment in the country,” says Aavo Kärmas, head of Enefit Green.

According to him, the next step will be to announce auctions necessary for the construction of the wind farm, after which the construction process could begin.

“We are delighted that a strong international renewable energy company, Enefit Green, is entering the Finnish energy market. In addition, we are delighted that another wind farm project that we are developing is bearing fruit,” notes Tuomas Hallenberg, property development director at Metsähallitus.

The wind park under construction will be located in the area between a number of forests supervised by the Metsähallitus and featuring good wind conditions. Up to 22 wind turbines can be installed at the wind farm site, and its total capacity can reach 100 MW. The wind farm project will be owned by Enefit Green’s Finnish subsidiary Tolpanvaara Wind Farm Oy.

The increase in renewable energy production contributes to the achievement of Eesti Energia’s strategic goal of producing 43% of electricity and heat from renewables by 2024.