NovaWind to Upraise Second Wind Farm in Stavropol Krai



The VetroOGK (is under control of NovaWind, JSC, Rosatom, SC) has received permission to build the 60 MW Karmalinovskaya WPP of in the Novoaleksandrovskij Rajon (Urban District) of the Stavropol Krai.

Obtaining the permit was preceded by a outline approval of the expert examination of design documentations issued by the Autonomous Unit of the Stavropol Krai “State construction expert assessment department” for the construction of WPP consisting of 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each.

Successful undergoing of the examination confirms that the design documentation for the WPP construction facilities meets the results of engineering surveys and requirements of all technical regulations including environmental, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, fire safety requirements, regulatory and technical documentation of the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation.

“It is important to note that the Karmalinovskaya wind farm is already the second NovaWind project being implemented in the region. Today the region is a key one for the construction of our wind farms. Preparatory work has already begun at the site, and in the very near future we plan to begin construction of the wind farm”, – said Alexander Korchagin, Director General of the NovaWind.

NovaWind is responsible for the Rosatom’s wind power assets and for delivering its wind strategy.