Webinar “Global Decarbonisation. Russia’s Role and Place in a Changing World”



The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) and the Energy and Industry of Russia newspaper editorial office are holding a webinar on “Global Decarbonisation. Russia’s Role and Place in a Changing World” on June 18, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. (Moscow time).

Mikhail Yulkin, Director General of the Environmental Investments Centre, will be the speaker.

The Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) expires in 2020. From 2021 on, the international legal regime in the climate will be determined by the Paris Agreement. At this stage, the goal is to completely eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere during economic and other activities, ensuring the transition of the world economy to a low-carbon development path.

Today 120 parties to the UNFCCC, 15 subnational regions, 398 cities, 786 enterprises and 16 investors have already announced their intention to achieve zero emissions by 2050. Denmark, France, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom have enshrined this commitment in their legislations. The European Union adopted a comprehensive decarbonisation plan in 2019, called the Green Deal (EUGreenDeal).

Part of this plan is to tighten the regulation of GHG emissions across all sectors of the EU economy and to introduce a system of carbon regulation of imports of the most carbon-intensive products. This June, the RaceToZero campaign was launched with the goal of achieving complete decarbonisation of the world economy by 2050.

In which way will this affect the Russian economy and business community? Will Russia be able to fit into the new world trend and play a role in achieving the global goal? Does the Russian fuel and energy complex have the potential for this? Will the products of the domestic metallurgical and chemical industry withstand competition in a new environment? What mechanisms of state regulation should be used to help Russian companies restructure? Will renewable energy become one of the promising areas for decarbonisation?

These and other issues will be addressed during the “Global Decarbonisation. Russia’s Role and Place in a Changing World” webinar.

Moderator – editor-in-chief of the newspaper and portal “Energy and Industry of Russia” Valery Presnyakov.

The webinar will be held in Russian.