Kamenskaya Wind Farm Enters Commercial Production Phase



On May 1, 2020 Kamenskaya WPP with installed capacity of 100 MW started full-scale electric power and capacity supply of the wholesale market for electricity and power (WMEP). The first phase of the plant (50 MW) started electric power and capacity supply of the WMEP on 1 April 2020. The power plant became the second end facility of the Wind Energy Development Fund (a joint investment fund established on a parity basis by the RUSNANO Group and the Fortum PJSC) in the Rostov Oblast.

The Kamenskaya WPP consists of 26 Vestas-made wind turbines with a unit capacity of 3.8 MW. Manufacturing of the main components – blades and towers – was localised through the agency of the RUSNANO Group in Ulyanovsk and Taganrog (Rostov Oblast). Nacelles are now assembled at the plant in Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast). The local content contribution of the wind turbines has been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia at the level of over 65%. This guarantees payment for the capacity produced according to the rules of determining the price for capacity of generating facilities operating on the basis of renewable energy sources (RES CDA). The wind park was built near the Sulinskaya WPP (100 MW), which started supplying the WMEP on March 1, 2020.

The Gukovskaya wind power plant with an installed capacity of 100 MW – another wind project of the Fund – is expected to be commissioned in the Rostov Oblast by the end of the first six months of 2020. On the site, the commissioning of individual systems is being completed, the personnel make arrangements for overall testing of the equipment. Also in the Rostov Oblast, there are preparations to start construction of the 100 MW Kazachya WPP ongoing. In addition, the Fund implements wind farm construction projects in the Republic of Kalmykia (200 MW) and in the Astrakhan Oblast (176 MW).

Thus, today, the portfolio of the Fund’s projects completed in the Rostov and Ulyanovsk Oblasts consists of three wind farms with a cumulative capacity of 250 MW. Projects with a total capacity of 576 MW are at various phases of implementation.

Source: rreda.ru