Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GmbH is a New Certified Partner of the RAWI FORUM 2020



Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, the world’s leading manufacturer of polymer-based solutions for all segments of industry, is a division of Mitusbishi Chemicals. The company is represented in 20 countries and has more than 2 800 employees. 

For wind power industry the company produces the following:

For wind turbines:

–  Yaw slide bearing pads, in case yawing is done by Yawing Slide Bearing System, as alternative to roller bearing.

– Gearbox lubrication rings


Offshore wind turbine installation tools:

– Paint protection strips in piling hammer

– Paint protection strips in transition piece (TP)

– Bend restrictors                                         

– Track plates for use in ROV


For WT rotors:

– Spar caps in wind turbine blades (supplied by our sister company Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber).


We are looking forward to seeing you at the RAWIFORUM2020 in Moscow on February 19-20!

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