The List Of RAWI FORUM 2020 Speakers Published



Leading professionals of Russian and foreign market companies, representatives of energy and investment companies, manufacturers of equipment and technologies, heads of regions, state market regulators, representatives of the scientific and expert community and educational institutions are invited to participate in the Forum.

The list of the speakers is regularly updated and published on our website in the Speakers of the Forum section.

Within the framework of the event, the main industry-specific venues were organised:

  • «Wind Energy in Russia: Priority or Experiment?» plenary sitting. What are the possible future scenarios for the development of the wind industry in Russia? Moderator: Jeroen Ketting, the founder of The Lighthousegroupe consulting company
  • Wind energy and global warming. Wind energy ecology. Will the wind energy become a part of a large project in Russia to decarbonise and reduce human influence on global climate warming? Moderator: Mikhail Yulkin, Director General of the Environmental Investments Centre
  • Is there a room for the offshore wind in the Russian market?
  • Wind energy market segments in Russia: issues and prospects. Is there still a bit of room in the market? The main segments of the RES market development scenarios. Moderator: Oleg Barkin, Member of the Board, Deputy Chairman of the Board, NP Market Council
  • Small wind power generation. How to get the market spinning up? Moderator: Andrey Redkin, Director General of Altren, LLC
  • Annual meeting of the RAWI members. Discussion of the results of the work, speeches of the Association members, presentation of new members of the RAWI. Discussion and assessment of the activity for 2019. Moderator: Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry

As well as best practices:

  • Development and construction of wind farms: transition from pilot projects to large-scale ones. Moderator: Andrey Nesteruk, Deputy Director General for Life Cycle of Wind Farms at NovaWind (mutual approval pending)
  • Financial and insurance instruments of the RES market
  • Localisation and production of renewable energy equipment. Moderator: Oleg Tokarev , Deputy Director of Department for Engineering and Investment Manufacturing, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Wind energy logistics. Moderator: Sergey Evmenenko, Chief Commercial Officer of the Heavy world, LLC
  • Wind energy labour market. Moderator: Olga Ukhanova, Head of the Wind Energy Technologies Department of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University
  • New technologies in wind energy. Moderator: Markus Rees, Managing Director of the aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH (mutual approval pending)