Pola Group has joined RAWI



Introduce you the new RAWI memberPola Rise, Russian company established in 2015 which is specialized in the transportation of bulk and general cargoes on the vessels of the sea and river fleet, as well as on the vessels of the river-sea class.

Currently, according to the order of Paul Rise, 10 vessels of the RSD-59 project and one vessel of the RSD-49 river-sea class project, as well as 10 oil barges of Belmax lake class project are being built. Construction of the vessels is carried out at the Krasnoye Sormovo, NSSP and Okskaya Shipyards. All vessels meet the latest IMO requirements. The vessels can operate both in the sea areas and on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation, their dimensions and draft allow them to transport goods across the entire Russian river system and other European countries.

Services of Pola Group of Companies:

– Sea freight transportation
– River freight transportation
– Comprehensive logistics solutions