Peikko Russia Got To Be Partner In One Of The Largest Projects In Sweden



The footprint of Peikko Russia’s supplies (member of the RAWI) is not limited to Russian projects. In 2019, the company became a partner in one of the largest wind energy projects in Sweden, the Blakliden an Fabodberget wind farm.

In September, the Peikko plant in St. Petersburg completed the shipment of wind turbine foundation sets for 2019 to the Blakliden an Fabodberget project (for Vestas V136-4.2 MW wind turbines). Within the framework of this project, Peikko produced and supplied products for 55(!) wind turbine foundations.

According to Egor Bondar, senior project manager at Peikko Russia, some of them are made according to the new concept of Cage Rock (slab and anchor foundation). This technology is a hybrid of anchor (Rock) and solid (Gravity) Peikko foundations and provides significant savings in time and money when building a foundation for wind turbines for certain types of rocky soils, which is especially important for the territory of Sweden.

Deliveries to the construction site of the Blakliden an Fabodberget project will continue in the next year.

Note for information:

Peikko is a world leader in the production and development of embedded products for reinforced concrete structures and composite beams. Production is established in 10 countries, including Russia. Sales offices are represented in 34 countries. In 2006, the company opened a factory in St. Petersburg, equipped with the most modern technologies. The plant produces Deltabeam thin slab system, reinforced concrete products and reinforcement systems. The product line also includes components for wind turbine foundations. Peikko solutions for wind turbine foundations are widely used in European projects and are gradually taking on the Russian market.