The Russian Wind Energy Market Will Now Be Talked About In German



The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) and the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (RAWI member) jointly published the German language version of the Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market 2018.

Now the German-speaking public can get acquainted with the events in the wind energy market in Russia and the trends of its further development straight from the source.

The Review is the most reliable and open source of up-to-date information on the wind energy market for all its participants, regulators, government agencies, experts and investors.

The Review includes infographics on the perspectives of the wind power industry in Russia, a map of existing wind farms, a digest of events, and expert articles by RAWI member companies, which, in fact, fully shape the market in Russia today and determine the direction of its cultivation in the future.

We hope that this version will be able to contribute to the development of Russian business in Europe and attract German wind power industry companies to the Russian market.

Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAWI, is presenting the Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market on September 11 at HUSUM Wind 2019 as part of the “Russia, a new market for wind power industry: initial successes and further development” discussion session.

Mr. Bryzgunov will be open for business meetings and discussions from 10 to 13 September in Husum, Germany.

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