The M-GROUP company successfully continues to transport components for the Adygeyskaya WPP


The M-GROUP (RAWI member) company successfully continues to transport blades and all components for the Adygeyskaya wind farm, thereby confirming its leadership and 15 years of experience in transporting over long cargoes.

The Adygeyskaya wind power plant, which is being built by NovaWind, JSC (division of Rosatom) is the largest wind project in Russia as of 2019 with a total capacity of 150 MW, which includes 60 wind turbines of 2.5 MW each.

The installation of the first of 60 wind turbines has been completed in June 2019.

At present, the following works are actively undergoing at the sites of the Adygeyskaya WPP: assembly of the wind turbines, installation and setup of transformer substations, completion of construction of operations control stations, and preparation of laying of primary and fiber-optic cables.

Russian Association of Wind Power Industry is pleased to offer you a visit to the site of the Adygeyskaya wind power plant.