RAWI’2020 Forum Is Being Held New-Style on February 19-20



The wind engineering professional community is once again meeting at its national forum. The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry begins preparations for the annual event, which has become a tradition, which is being held on February 19-20 in Moscow.

RAWI sets the agenda and announces the collection of report proposals from the Forum partners.  The Organizing Committee and members of the Board will consider the proposals of the market participants on partnership and will form the agenda of RAWIFORUM’2020, which will last two days and cover all aspects of the new market cultivation.

Registration as a participant will be possible after October 15.

As always, much attention will be given to establishing direct contacts with potential partners; for this purpose a special service of appointment of negotiations and meetings of participants of the event is being developed.

Simultaneously with the congress programme, it is planned to hold an exposition of companies offering their products and services.

You can apply for a presentation and proposals for the agenda on the official RAWI FORUM 2020 page.