Sarens Installed Vensys V112 And V136 Wind Turbines In Belarus



In May-June 2019, Sarens (RAWI member) installed two wind turbines Vensys V112 (height 100m, 2.5 MW) and V136 (height 100m, 3.5 MW) in Vitebsk Oblast of the Republic of Belarus.

These works were carried out using the TEREX DEMAG TC2800-1 truck crane with 600-ton lift capacity.

The crane was assembled in two different configurations for the installation of the wind turbines:

  • 102 m boom plus 12 m jib;
  • 108 m boom plus 12 m jib using a superlift.

The major challenge during the installation of the crane was that the installation had to be done in hilly terrain.

Before the start of installation, the elements of the V112 wind turbine unit were unloaded at the site.

An auxiliary crane with 130-ton lifting capacity was used for the installation of the wind turbine unit.

First-ever installation of the Vensys V136 wind turbine unit was carried out on this project!                                                                                                                         

Installation was partially carried out utilizing the just-in-time system in order to speed up the installation process in space-limited environment on the site. Sections of the tower were brought by special trawls to the site and immediately went into installation. An auxiliary crane with 300-ton lift capacity was used for the generator’s edging with the weight of about 100 tons, which together with the main crane TC2800-1 brought the generator from the transport position to the assembly position with the use of a special traverse. The peculiarity was that at first the generator had to be completely raised by the auxiliary crane, and then only the weight of the generator was taken over by the main crane.

Installation of the blades, 67 m long and weighing about 19 tons each, was also carried out by two cranes, the main TS2800-1 with 600-ton capacity and an auxiliary one with 300-ton capacity.

The works were successfully completed!