Leading Russian Power Engineering University’s Education Institute Joins Russian Association Of Wind Power Industry



The Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources has joined the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry; the Institute is the core educational unit in the renewable energy from the MPEI National Research University, one of the most authoritative universities in Russia.

MPEI National Research University was founded in 1930 and its former Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). Today the University is the Russian leading institution of higher professional education in the power engineering. The structure of University includes 12 institutes, 65 departments, 176 research laboratories, a demonstration plant, one of the largest science and research library; 7 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 262 Doctors of Science (higher doctorate), 715 Doctors of Philosophy work here.

The Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources (IHPERES) was founded as a part of the University back in 2017 with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the foundation was the creation of a single point of the training of engineering personnel specializing in the management of technical systems and their elements in the hydropower engineering and renewable energy types (solar, wind, tidal and others) at all stages of the operational lifetime.

To date, the Institute conducts training in the following fields: electrical engineering and electrical power engineering, power engineering, construction:


Educational program specialization (bachelor degree course)

Training program (Master’s degree course)

· Alternatives & Renewables

· Hydro-electrical power plants

· RES-based power generation facilities

· Hydroelectric power facilities

· Hydraulic engines & hydraulic and pneumatic control systems

· Research, designing and operation of  the hydraulic engines & hydraulic and pneumatic control systems

· Industrial, civil and energy construction



Currently, the Lucas-Nulle-manufactured laboratory complex (one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of training equipment) has been introduced into the educational process at IHPERES.

The composition of its equipment allows students to study, programming the control center of a smart grid, SmartGrid networks algorithms of operation with controlled consumers and RES-based generation (electromechanical models of WPP and PSPP, SES mock-up) independently.

For a laboratory complex, the possibility of collective access is provided using all remote education tools, including video conferencing and remote control of the laboratory benches.

In addition to the training functions, the laboratory complex provides the opportunity to develop and test algorithms for the operation of distributed energy grids, maximally bringing the equipment operating conditions close to reality. At the premises of the laboratory complex, there are plans to create a certification center for RES-based objects control systems and hydraulic and electrochemical energy storage systems, which is one of the most urgent tasks of modern power engineering in Russia.