The association was joined by an independent financial company Global Capital Finance, which can arrange financing for wind power projects



Global Capital Finance is an international investment banking and financial services firm, providing innovative advice to public and private sector clients worldwide, with a strategic focus on the renewable energy sector.

Global Capital Finance advises developers who are seeking equity and debt, sellers during the divestiture process, and investors during the acquisition process. Global Capital Finance also provides general advice to firms seeking investment opportunities in this sector. For investors who need continued support, we provide asset management services regarding their investments.

The company has a long-standing relationships with international lenders, tax equity investors, and infrastructure funds that invest in energy and more specifically, renewable energy. The professionals of Global Capital Finance have a broad range of experience in domestic and cross-border transactions, involving many jurisdictions such as the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Global Capital Finance has been working for more than 10 years with major renewable energy project developers on structuring techniques to lower their cost of borrowing. We have also worked with U.S. tax-based as well as economic investors as new entrants into renewable energy for the acquisition of wind farms and solar developments in North America and Europe. Most recently we have advised major institutional investors in the acquisition of individual renewable energy projects as well as in the development of a portfolio of such projects.

Global Capital Finance is outstandingly positioned to offer the following investment banking services in the renewable energy sector:

  • Acquisition or disposition of assets
  • Buy-side and sell-side financial advisory services, including comprehensive financial modelling and syndication or bid services
  • Asset based debt financing of renewable energy projects
  • Corporate debt financing of renewable energy companies
  • Fairness opinions/valuation services
  • Asset management services

Whether a transaction is specific or general, Global Capital Finance will assist both strategic and financial investors with identifying, reviewing, securing, and ultimately closing on investment opportunities that align with their investment strategy:

  • Introduce projects in line with investment or development criteria
  • Prepare a financial analysis
  • Determine the optimal investment structure
  • Submit bids
  • Assist in the due diligence
  • Assist in negotiating key terms

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