Global leader in the production of machines DAVI-Promau joined RAWI



Since the time it was founded in 1966, DAVI – Promau distinguished itself in the will to propose innovative solutions, in a market like plate rolling that is anchored to tradition and unwilling to renovate. Still today the company has this idea as the leading value, and the R&D division, one of our crown jewels, has more than 20 engineers, that are in charge of the different sectors: mechanic, hydraulic, electric, electronic and software. (presentation)

Everything is entirely developed and manufactured in Italy: this is why we can grant we are 100% Made in Italy.

DAVI – Promau chose to specialize only in the fabrication of plate and angle rolls, in order to guarantee the best quality and the most advanced solutions in these two sectors.

The company covers a total area of 45,000 sqm (13,000 covered) and consists of 4 production sites and a state-of-the-art logistic center where DAVI carries on strict inspections on all components, that are then stored in order to be dispatched to the different assembling units.

The dimension of the logistic center allows to have up to 100 machines available and to satisfy the immediate delivery requests of a market that is less likely to plan investments and more to purchase only after acquiring an order.

The current production includes:

  • Plate rolls: 4 roll, 3 roll variable axis and 3 roll double pinching. DAVI machines are available for plates from 0.5 to 12m width and from 1 to 400mm thickness.
  • Angle rolls for bending beams up to 1,200mm, tubes up to 800mm diameter and flanges up to 600×200 mm.

Thanks to the continuous research, the company, even in collaboration with the end users, developed countless innovations, such as:

  • High productivity wind energy lines (patented), for plates from 8 to 150mm thickness and from 1.2 to 12m diameter. Today, more than 300 lines for towers, jackets, tripods, monopiles and transition pieces are installed and working! In this field, a new line called Smart Line has been developed and delivered that allows to roll cones fully automatically from 6-30 to 60 and 100mm thickness.
  • Fully automatic lines, composed of a 4 roll machine & robotic line. These are able to roll plates from 1 to 6m width and from 1 to 25mm thickness.
  • iRoll camera system, a tool that is able to create a virtual sample and to facilitate achieving the correct bending radius on angle rolls. All the job is done without taking the profile out of the machine.

Moreover, DAVI – Promau can supply plate and angle rolls of different sizes. Even though these machines are now considered standard for DAVI, they are always customized on the clients’ needs:

  • Plate rolls, for plates from 1 to 24m width and for different applications, such as tank trailers, vertical plate rolls, aircraft, aerospace, shipyard and pipe mills.
  • Angle rolls for wind flanges and special applications.

DAVI Research & Development division can face everyday challenges and design custom made solutions in order to meet customers’ needs.

For years, the company has been certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and has been given maximum commercial reliability by the rating company Dun&Bradstreet.

Thanks to ethernet connection, all the machines can be integrated in the company network and guarantee a direct link between the end user and the manufacturer, besides being prearranged for industry 4.0.

This feature allows to monitor and assist the clients in every moment, minimizing maintenance and downtime caused by failures. A specialized customer and technical support are granted to all clients even thanks to two branches, one in Addision (Texas, USA) and one in Shanghai (China), and a wide network of agents in every country.

In Greece, technical development and service are granted by MECHANISMUS!

Our machines are used in the following applications and sectors: Offshore Platforms, Aerospace, Aircraft, Metal Structures, Roller coaster, Power Industry, Pressure Vessel, Boiler, Heat Exchangers, Wind energy and Towers, Mines Equipments, Agriculture Machine, Food Industry, Paving Machines, Tank Storage, Tank Trailers, Earth Moving, Shipbuilding, Defense, Hydropower, Pipes, Railway Industry, Silos, LNG, Filtering, Wheels, Air Conditioning, Concrete Mixers, Drilling Plants, Water Treatment e Tower.

With about 10,000 machines installed worldwide, references among all the most relevant fields of application and the highest number of patents in the rolling industry, DAVI is a leader in research and innovation. DAVI is always at the forefront in the market and promotes knowledge on the latest industry technical solutions with dedicated seminars for customers and training for the internal team.

  RAWI members can find contacts of responsible persons of the company in their perosnal cabinet