Review Of The Wind Energy Market For 2018 Forthcoming



The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry has begun preparing a new review of the Russian wind energy market for 2018.

The Review of the Russian wind energy market for 2018 is scheduled to be more meaningful than the previous market review for 2017. A wide range of experts from all segments of the wind energy market have been invited to work on this year’s review. In addition to marketing information about the events occurred in the market and influencing its development, and analytical information about the economics of wind power in Russia, the 2018 Review will contain expert articles on market segments prepared by its participants themselves. Expert opinions will describe the broad aspects of market opportunities that the authors see in their market segment and the difficulties they face. These articles will not contain advertising information, but will be entirely devoted to assessing the situation in the emerging wind energy market in Russia.

The Review will be distributed to a wide audience of members of the RAWI, market participants and Russian market regulating organizations. This new Review will also be published in English for English-speaking members of the Association. The audience of the previous version of the Review amounted to more than 6 thousand readers, market participants and industry experts. The printed version of the Review is being traditionally sent to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economy, the governors of all the subjects of the Federation and the heads of state corporations and industrial and energy corporations.

The Review of the Russian Wind Energy Market 2018 is scheduled for release by the end of January 2018.