New Concept Of Russian National Wind Energy Market Events.



The Russian Association of Wind Power Industry has chosen a new approach to organizing events in the direction of concentrating their holding in one place and in one time interval that is most convenient for all market participants. From now on, all events dedicated to the organizational work of RAWI and industry conferences will be combined with exhibition activities and held in one place. Ulyanovsk will be the venue for such events , where ARWE 2019, the International Renewable Energy Forum, will be held from May 22 to 24, 2019.

ARWE 2019, the International Renewable Energy Forum, is a new exhibition and congress event, which ‘got registered’ in Ulyanovsk, the large venue that will unite the Congress, an international specialized Exhibition and Technical Tour for industry professionals.

 The organizers of the Forum are working on an activity program in which a whole list of wind energy events is being formed, covering all areas of the national market:

  • Annual meeting of the RAWI members

Agenda: discussion and assessment of activities for 2018, adoption of the budget for 2019.

  • Ministerial session “Programme for the localization of renewable energy equipment in Russia: the Russian specifics”

The session is devoted to the main stages of the components for wind turbines localization process in Russia and ensuring optimal interaction between suppliers and key customers in the industry.

  • Suppliers Forum

Private bilateral business meetings between the equipment suppliers and representatives of energy and engineering customer companies in 1 + 1 format. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Vestas Central Europe, Fuhrländer Windtechnology LLC, Lagerwey

  • “Transport infrastructure and the transportation of wind turbine components”

The session is devoted to the problems of transport infrastructure and the issues of moving wind turbine components from the manufacturing plant to the project site. Particular attention is paid to the conveying of blades. Also during the session, vehicle manufacturers will present their products, including those intended for the transportation of the wind turbines parts.

  • “The participation of the defense industry enterprises in the production of a wind turbines product range in Russia”

At the session, it is planned to discuss the tasks of diversification of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia through one of the ways to increase the output of civilian products, the production of wind mill generators. Experts will also give a general assessment of the renewable energy role in the innovative development of the Russian economy, and consider both federal and regional measures for industrial enterprises support.

  • Panel discussion “Wind Energy for the Arctic and Isolated Territories”

The discussion will be attended by representatives of the regions operating wind energy systems, and market experts working on the creation of new systems capable of operating in extreme Arctic conditions. Experts will answer the questions why many of their early attempts to create such systems failed and what the advances are in creating such systems which are successfully operating in the extreme conditions of the Arctic.

  • Open fishbowl discussion “Training specialists for the wind energy industry”

The discussion is devoted to the training of specialists in the wind energy sector, the establishing of a separate educational program specialization for bachelor and master degrees in the field of renewable energy, the relevance of RES-specialists in the Russian Federation.

  • Visiting the Krasniy Yar wind farm.

The Forum agenda will include a variety of events where experts from other renewable energy sectors will participate as well:

  • Small Energy in remote areas “Development of renewable energy in isolated systems: hybrid projects and RES-facilities”

The session is devoted to the prospects for the development of renewable energy in remote settlements. What are the ways to achieve 100% renewable energy for small communities? What is the cost of electricity production in the Arctic, the Subarctic and the Extreme North? The session participants will present the experience of implementing wind and hybrid projects in isolated areas.

  • Microgeneration session “RES-based microgeneration: the green energy potential”

The session is devoted to microgeneration of renewable energy sources, legislation, prospects and conditions for the development of microgeneration in Russia, taking into account international experience. The session participants will discuss the level of development of small and medium-sized businesses in the production, supply and maintenance of micro-generation facilities for renewable energy, as well as the need to stimulate the transition to an autonomous power supply.

  • Governor’s session “The green energy potential in a regional policy context. Why doesn’t the retail market work?”

The session is devoted to the incentive mechanism for the use of renewable energy in the wholesale and retail electricity markets, legislation on the support of renewable energy in the retail market, as well as the basic principles for the inclusion of a renewable energy facility in the development scheme of the regional electricity network map.

First of all, all members of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry are invited to work on the scenario. Experts’ reports of companies with experience in the development of wind energy market segments will broaden the audience’s horizons and will serve as the basis for cooperation between the companies creating new wind energy industry in Russia today.

The novelty in the organization of the Forum is the Exhibition. The presence of exhibition space will allow to present equipment not only to wind turbine manufacturers that are present on the market, but also to companies planning to enter the Russian market and explore its capabilities. The exhibition organizers are already receiving applications from manufacturers of components, providers of logistics services, cranes, construction and installation services.

The ARWE 2019 Forum is a large-scale project, the Government of the Ulyanovsk Oblast, the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, Elektrifikatsiya JSC and the Center for Cluster Development of the Ulyanovsk Oblast are working on its creation.

The pool of partners of the event will be expanded, it is being held with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the nanotechnology center ULNANOTECH.