The First Batch Of Blades Blanks For The Wind Farm Arrived In Ulyanovsk (Russia) On August 21



The head of the region Sergei Morozov visited the site for unloading blades produced by Vestas for the second wind farm of the Fortum-RUSNANO wind investment fund on August 21.

CEO of Vestas Manufacturing Rus Kimal Yusupov demonstrates to the head of the region Sergey Morozov the blades of wind generators during unloading

The head of Vestas Manufacturing Rus (member of RAWI) Kimal Yusupov: “The delivery of blade blanks, while local plant is under construction in Ulyanovsk, is being carried out from the Vestas plant located in Spain by sea (the Mediterranean and Black Seas), and then through the channels, about 4 weeks, we unload with 2 cranes, the carrying capacity of which is 250 and 350 tons respectivelly. Then the blanks are loaded onto heavy trucks and sent for rework, painting, smoothing is performed by trained local specialists.”

The rework, which includes equipping with elevators, cable channels and other equipment are conducted in Ulyanovsk. Delivery of components will last until the end of summer. The capacity of the second wind farm will make up 50 MW. Altogether, 14 more wind turbines of a bigger capacity will be installed, 3.6 MW each. In the first wind farm, there are also 14 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. Both sites are located next to each other, near the village of Krasny Yar. The construction of the second wind farm is carried out by the joint Fortum-RUSNANO wind investment fund. At present, the foundation for the wind farm is under construction.

Source: Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation