The wind energy industry will be decisively built up in Russia in the next five years.



In Russia, the creation of a new industry and energy is in full swing, the number of enterprises producing wind power generators components and offering services for creating wind farms is growing.

As is known, the key condition for the legislative support of RES in Russia is the requirement to localize the production of 65% of the equipment and the work perfomance of each wind farm on grid starting from 2019. This condition allowed laying the foundation for the creation of a new energy and industrial sector. Since the first contest of project selection in 2013, almost five years have passed and today in the Russian market we see a full range of participants able to provide the market with a full spectrum. In accordance with the localization programs for Vestas, Siemens-Gamesa Renewables (SGRE), NovaVind with their own wind generators, new enterprises that produce wind generators components are being created. Engineering and consulting companies prepare a complete set of working documentation necessary for the construction of a wind farm.

At the construction of wind farms there are modern powerful extra-large cranes of the Russian company involved, the construction companies prepare foundations, lay cables and build substations. The logistics of “Cyclopean” wind generators components is being carried out by a number of highly professional logistics companies by land and sea. In addition to the first wind farm of Fortum with 35 MW capacity, in the coming years it is going to be put into operation: 200 MW in 2018, 400 MW in 2019, 780 MW in 2020, 490 MW in 2021, 530 MW in 2022. To this number, wind parks with a total capacity of 870 MW will be added, with mandatory entry until 2023; they are going to be selected at this year’s tender, which will be held from May 29 to June 9 this year. The reason for such a high rate of a new industry building up is guaranteed legislative support, which allows the investor to receive 12% of profit within 15 years, which will attract an unprecedented amount of about 500 billion rubles to the market until 2024, according to experts.

Wind energy experts unanimously conclude that the wind power generation industry will have been fully developed along with the service infrastructure for the market by 2024, that is, the wind energy industry will have been created. Naturally, in creating this new industry for Russia, the companies-members of the Russian Association of the Wind Industry have the leading role, they have a market edge.