Industry of Crimea for wind power.



CRIMEA. May 10, a business meeting between Andrey Vasyuta, the Minister of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea, and Igor Bryzgunov, the Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry, took place.

During the meeting, the possibilities of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Crimea for the production of wind turbines components were discussed. Crimea is the country of birth of the Soviet era wind power industry and, today, there are wind parks with total capacity of 84 MW in the peninsula. Generation equipment requires reconstruction for the most part, and the legislation on support of renewable energy sources allows for the significant expansion of the electric power generation which is much necessary for the region.

The industry of Crimea is represented by shipbuilding, metalworking and chemical industry enterprises. During the meeting, it was noted that the assembly of nacelles and the manufacture of towers, blades, frames for wind generators can be mastered by the regional enterprises. Sanctions constrains are obstacles to the development of the wind power of the Crimea, but there are different possible ways of overcoming those obstacles.

The parties agreed on cooperation to develop the wind turbines components production in the Republic of Crimea.