Inter RAO is interested in participation in tenders for the construction of wind power plants in the Russian Federation



Inter RAO is interested in participation in tenders for the right to build wind farms in Russia, told board member Ilnar Mirsiyapov to journalists.

“If the tenders are, we will definitely consider … Closer to the tenders date will be decided”, – Mirsiyapov answered the question about the possible participation of the company in the tenders for the right to build wind farms.

Projects in the solar energy company are not interesting, he said, PRIME reports.

According to Mirsiyapov, the company can both participate in tenders for new construction, and enter into already selected projects: both implemented and with already built power plants. Mirsiyapov explained that the company received such offers from market participants. Earlier, Inter RAO considered projects in the green energy sector for 200-300 MW or more.

At the same time, Mirsiyapov stressed that the company does not agree with the possible extension after 2024 of current support green energy.

Currently, Russia has a program to support green energy, including the construction of power plants, which are selected at the competitive selection. Investors are guaranteed return on investment. At the same time, for selected projects, a certain level of localization of production of equipment in the RF should be ensured. This program will end in 2024. The industry is discussing what will happen after 2024.