A new step in the development of the Russian wind energy market: Enercon acquired 100% of Lagerwey.



Yesterday, on December 21st, the Russian Association of the Wind Industry received an official message from Lagerwey CEO Hub Morelisse that ENERCON, the world leader in direct drive wind turbine technology signed an agreement with the shareholders of Lagerwey to acquire a 100% interest in the company as of January 1st, 2018. This strategic move will enable Lagerwey to leverage its technology on a larger scale and will provide ENERCON with a broader portfolio of innovative products as well as a strong team. Both companies look forward working together with NovaWind, the Russian licensing partner, and turn the recently announced Red Wind (SC Rosatom) joint venture into a success.

For now, Lagerwey will continue to operate as a stand-alone company with its own brand and organisation but will closely cooperate with ENERCON in areas where synergies can be realized. Being part of the ENERCON organisation enables Lagerwey to benefit from ENERCON’s scale in purchasing, production and global sales network.

The deal of Lagerwey, a technology partner of Rosatom with Enercon, stably present in the TOP-10 global producers of wind generators, besides having a reputation of a historic leader in the production of direct-driven wind turbines, will undoubtedly affect the development of the Russian wind energy market and will contribute to the development of global ambitions RedWind (Rosatom) is not an international wind energy market and will allow it to gain access to high technology production and global a large network of suppliers. Enercon is a high-tech German wind power company, a manufacturer of direct-driven wind turbines, which has 7% of the global market for 2017. The company is the leader in the German home market and selectively approaches the presence in other markets. If for a common understanding to compare the wind energy market in automotive, then Enercon is Mersedes in wind power. High production technologies require advanced service support and constant scientific research and development of technology. Experts know the company’s projects for the construction of the largest wind generator with a capacity of 7 MW for land based and not only wind farms for the wholesale market, but also for local wind farms in the most extreme arctic conditions.