Why to attend to the Conference of the Russian Association of the Wind Industry on December the 6th?



Annual conferences of RAWI have become a tradition. This year, is Anniversary, the 10th National Conference of the Russian Association of the Wind Power Industry.

Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of RAWI: “The RAWI conferences have never been formal and boringly ceremonial, and we support this tradition in the annivesary event, first of all we make the event interesting for its participants.” This is not only a report on the work of the Association, this is a summary of the events on market and predict its near future. It is known that a significant leap took place in the Russian wind power industry in 2017. Today we can confidently say that the market has taken place.There was demonstrated significant interest from investors at the tender of wind power projects this year. 1652 MW of wind park projects have been selected and, taking into account previous contests, we expect from 2018 to 2022 to commission 2297 MW of wind parks, the main market investors are the State and the largest global private utilities, which indicates a high guarantees of return on investment in this business and a high level of profit. Considering that the hit of the market today is a wind turbine with a capacity of 3 MW, and the required level of local content demand from 2019 will be 65%, which means that until 2022 almost 800 wind turbines will be produced by the Russian industry. The cost of each wind generator is about 175 million rubles, the total volume of production and investments will reach 140 billion rubles, another 42 billion rubles will be invested in the construction industry. This is a new industry that provides people with jobs, orders for enterprise, regional and state budgets with serious tax revenues. Wind power is beneficial to the economy, and the funds released for its support will return with a profit for the state in the budget.

Now the organizational process is going on, and we see that the event will not be boring, but will be very informative and useful for market participants: we invite representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the System Operator of the EEC, manufacturers of wind generators, working today in our market, power engineering companies, construction and logistics, global consulting companies, is expected to be serious representation of banks and investment funds. We expect a lot of news events, the signing of various documents.

Panel discussions will be dedicated what our wind energy market will be in the next five years. they say a lot the fact Russia is becoming a country actively developing renewable energy sources and has already achieved serious achievements in this market. We pay great attention to the main thing for which participants attend such events – establishing business contacts and we are sure that contacts will be of the highest level, and the information received in panel discussions will be useful in business to our participants.

I am pleased to express my gratitude for the support and active assistance of the Nanotechnology Center ULNANOTECH, the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC WEC). “

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