It will not rust now.



The Russian Association of the Wind Industry was joined by a global company, unique in its kind. The company’s business is the production and application of coatings that can multiply the service life of equipment operating in corrosive environments.

Hempel is the world’s leading supplier in the markets of decorative coatings, anticorrosive coatings, coatings for shipbuilding and ship repair, coatings for containers and coatings for yachts.

Hempel focuses on R & D, advanced manufacturing techniques and professional coating consulting, helping to ensure reliable protection and a beautiful appearance of our customers’ property over a long period of time. The method of the company’s work is simple: curiosity, creativity, self-criticism and the desire to bring additional benefits to customers.

The company reads that coating manufacturers can and should contribute to the protection of the environment. Hempel invests in advanced water-based coatings and innovative solutions to help customers reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and fulfill their environmental objectives.

Presentation of the company