Dutch Lagerwey sees great potential for wind power plants in Russia



The Dutch company Lagerwey, which works in the wind energy sector, sees a great potential for business development in Russia in conjunction with Rosatom, is considering the possibility of entering the countries bordering Russia, Lagerwey Director of Director for Licensing and Joint Ventures Zurburg Shurd Shordsma told journalists.

“We are working with Rosatom on the implementation of turbine production. We are considering the possibility of selling our joint product to the market of Russia and neighboring countries, “he said, answering the question what potential of cooperation with Rosatom he sees. The joint cooperation program will start with the production of a 2.5 MW wind farm.

Speaking about technological cooperation with Rosatom, he noted that they have “technologies and competencies in the production of wind turbines with good market potential.” Shordsdam is confident that the wind power plants that will be produced in Russia by the company VetroOGK using the technologies of the Dutch Lagerwey will be in demand both in Russia and abroad.

“VetroOGK” and the Dutch company Lagerwey took part in the exhibition Husum Wind 2017, which opened September 12 in Germany. In the long term, the partners plan to localize a 4 MW turbine, which is currently being tested in Lagerwey. Its localization is included in the license agreement concluded between partners this summer.