“Inter RAO” can take part in the competition for the construction of wind farms in 2018.



Inter RAO Group is studying the possibility of participating in the tender for the construction of wind power generation facilities next year, a company representative said at a conference call dedicated to the presentation of the group’s financial results for the first half of the year under IFRS.

“Now we will not say whether it will be 50 MW, 100 MW or 300 MW. But in fair competition with positive NPV [net discounted income – approx. Ed] are ready to participate. We analyze both the technical, organizational and financial mechanisms for implementing this idea”, he said in response to a request to comment on the statements made earlier by the head of Inter RAO Boris Kovalchuk on the possibility of participating in auctions for the construction of wind farms next year, TASS reported.

The top manager stressed that Inter RAO had a high opportunity to participate in investment projects related to generation, but the company, when receiving and studying the proposal, would be “rather conservative” to treat any proposal in order to determine “what is more beneficial for our shareholders And the business of the group “Inter RAO” in creating value. “